You’ve chosen Berlin as your next city break and are looking for the easiest and most convenient 4-day Berlin itinerary? Look no further, because you are at the right place! In this article, you will find the best advice on how to get the most out of your precious time while being in this amazing city. Let’s get started!

Berlin is one of the most interesting metropolises in Europe. Rich and controversial history, splendid architecture and nature, and captivating nightlife call all visitors. The parallel existence of urban city areas and hundreds of lakes, rivers, and parks make the city incredibly “green” and ideal for living or traveling.

How is this 4-day Berlin itinerary organized?

This 4-day Berlin itinerary is conceptualized “geographically” and “thematically”. This means that each day you will have a chance to explore one part of the city. I believe this is the best way to get familiar with someplace. Who likes the feeling of not knowing where to go? The urge to rush from one part of the city to another is not fun as well.

4-day Berlin itinerary – Day 1

The great thing about Berlin is that many large attractions are located in the city center. You might even consider discovering them on foot. Sounds stressful? Not at all! Just continue reading and following this 4-day Berlin Itinerary!

Alexander Square and TV Tower

I would highly recommend starting our journey from the main square – Alexanderplatz and its most prominent landmark – the TV Tower. Did you know that it is the tallest structure in Germany? Climb up to the tower’s observation deck and enjoy the spectacular view of the city up to 80 kilometers!

For an extra exciting feeling, sit in the rotating restaurant on top and have an Aperol Spritz. The restaurant is called “Sphere” and it’s quite popular as you might expect. Make sure to tell your hotel to book a table for you! Tickets for the TV Tower and the restaurant you can find here.

Not feeling tipsy at the beginning of the trip? Perfect! Let’s head out to the left and our next stop, located just 11 minutes from Alexanderplatz – Hackeschermarkt and Hofe. A historic ensemble of buildings with Art Nouveau together with the Hackescher Markt is a main transportation hub hiding plenty of restaurants, cafes, and designer shops. A stroll around this area can be very fun. Do not skip!

Berliner Dom and Unter the Linden

Let’s walk towards Unter den Linden Street. Almost at the beginning, you will see a beautiful building of Berliner Cathedral. Located at the Museum Island, it represents a protestant church built at the beginning of the 20th century in a neo-baroque style. Climb the Cupola for another glorious view of the city or enjoy the church interior, and imposing altar. Or simply sit in the church’s peace and quietness.

Ready to continue the journey? Great! Want to challenge yourself by walking to “Unter den Linden” street for our next stop on this 4-day Berlin itinerary?

About 1.5 kilometers long and named after the Linden trees, “Unter the Linden” street itself is one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas of the city center. Opera houses, 5-star hotels, and many designer and luxury shops are placed all along the street. And just by admiring the alluring facades of the buildings you have reached Brandenburg Gate – another must-see stop on our Berlin 4-day itinerary list.

Woohoo – you have reached Brandenburg Gate!

Similar to the Triumphal Gate in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate plays a huge role in Berlin’s history and symbolism. This famous monument, built during the 18th-century reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II, has long been a defining symbol of Berlin and both the city’s division and unification. It represented a neutral spot between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. The landmark hides behind a long boulevard between the Tiergarten area, which is also on our 4-day stopover list, but we will cover that later!

Take a picture in front of the Gate and move on to the next, if not the most famous place of interest in Berlin – Reichstag.

German Parliament – Reichstag

Reichstag is a building of the German Parliament and it was the seat of the Weimar Republic till 1933. Although a ticket (free of charge) to the Parliament also offers access to Governmental sittings, most visitors are interested in a Cupola or Glass Dome located at the top of the building.

The view from the Rooftop Terrace is, as one can expect, really impressive and I would recommend waiting for a sunset here and finishing your first day of the 4-day itinerary here. Note that the tickets and entry to the Reichstag need to be booked beforehand. Expect further that you will go through a rigorous security process, quite similar to the one at the airport. Not simple, but at the end you are entering a governmental building… And yeah, do not forget to bring your ID!

Let us immerse in history today – Day 2!

Today, we will cover some very important sites located in the city center thus lots of traveling will not be required (hey, I can hear that sigh of relief…)! There will be an extra emphasis on learning about German history, which is a really important part of Berlin, right?

Island of 5 Museums

 I would recommend starting our tour at the Museum Island (remember Berlin Cathedral?), where you will find not one but five museums. These are the New Museum, Old Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum, and Pergamon. The latter one is the most popular among travelers who love to immerse in the Babylon civilization and history. Are you curious to see the famous bust of Nefertiti? Then head on straight to the New Museum – it is located there!

The part of the city that certainly deserves your attention is a Nikolaiviertel. It is located in front of Museum Island, across Engel Forum. It is a very architecturally charming and romantic part of the city, located along the river. Here you can find Saint Nicolas Church, Stadtmuseum, and many cafes and restaurants, where you can take a well-deserved break. I know, I know too much learning and history can be tiresome!

Berlin and World War II

Your next stop should be the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and it represents 2711 concrete blocks in different shapes and sizes. The idea of building the Memorial is very emotional and provoking. Just walking among the grey blocks makes you wonder how minor a human can be. Especially when facing a memory of this huge world tragedy.

From here you might walk down the Unter den Linden street and visit Bebelplatz, together with the City Opera House and the Comedy Opera House. From here, let’s continue down Friedrich Street all the way to Check Point Charlie and the Jewish Museum of Berlin. Although many will say that is just a kiosk placed in the middle of the street, it has a huge historical meaning. It was the best–known border and crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.

Click a photo at the Check Point Charlie

The kiosk with a Russian holder and its surroundings is a great photo opportunity (if you don’t mind waiting in a queue – it’s a quite “touristy” place). However, the real interest can be found 25 meters away on the opposite corner where there is the Black Box Museum. There is a small charge to enter the museum and I didn’t go in because the surrounding wall/fencing told the story free of charge. Take time to look at the actual historical event photos and read the descriptive accounts of the stories behind the photos. 

Enough of sightseeing and, I can say freely, overwhelming German history? What do you say if we finish the evening doing some Boat cruising on the Spree River?

You can choose the start point on Friedrich Street or right next to the Humboldt Forum. A 1-hour ride is a perfect way to see all of today’s highlights while enjoying a glass of wine and the colors of the setting Sun.

Ready for day number 3 in the 4-day Berlin itinerary?

Yeah, let’s go! Today, we learn about the history again. Just joking! Berlin is so much more than that and there are still many extraordinary places to be seen! Today will be, on the contrary, one of the most relaxing days and I promise you that we will see some very interesting sites.

How about starting our day by grabbing some coffee at the Potsdamer Platz? This vast and buzzing area is one of my favorite places to stroll around. There are some 5-star hotels spread over here, many cute restaurants and shops and the most important – Mall of Berlin.

Do you want to do some shopping? Check out the Mall of Berlin!

The Mall of Berlin is modern, spacious, and spotless. There is a great variety of shops and restaurants across two buildings and several floors. People say that is the most beautiful mall in Berlin and I tend to agree. Grab some “belegtes Broetchen” (small pieces of bread filled with salami, eggs, and some veggies), café crème, and from Potsdamer Platy let us continue our journey to a romantic and wide area of Tiergarten.

Special tip: If you missed seeing the entire of Berlin from the TV Tower, it is possible do to it at the Potsdamer Platz! Panoramapunkt is another observation deck and to reach there, you’ll need to use the fastest elevator in Europe! Sounds exciting? Then check out the tickets here.  

Chill and relax in Tiergarten

Tiergarten is the city’s largest and most central park spread over 200 hectares.

The Victory Column, a monument designed to celebrate Prussia’s victory in the Danish-Prussian War, is also located in Tiergarten. Do not be surprised if you spot rabbits and squirrels in addition to various birds!

In the middle of this green oasis, there is a lake where you can rent rowing boats and eat delicious pizza in the café. Right at the end of it, you will find a Berlin Zoo which is inevitable, if you are traveling with kids! Do not fancy going to the zoo? Then I have a secret tip for you! Just go to Zoo Palast (a small mall shopping mall, placed on the right side of the zoo), sit in one of the coffee shops located in the lobby, and enjoy the view of the playing monkeys! It is equally entertaining and it’s like you went to the zoo, but without spending the money!


Let us get back to our 4-day Berlin itinerary now! On the other side of the Zoo, you will see one authentic landmark – Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It is not possible not to see it, as its roof was demolished during World War II. It is still kept like that – just as a reminder of war horrors! Take advantage of a free entrance and admire the interior and unique mosaics of this “old lady”!

And just by strolling around– you have reached one the most prominent and busiest shopping streets and districts – Kudamm!

Shop till you drop

If you have time and if you like to explore one place on foot, then I would suggest taking a stroll along Kudamm Street. The walk will be enjoyable, as you will find many high-end and regular shops, cute cafes, restaurants, and food stands. Do not be afraid to spend some coins and after shopping (and all these burnt calories) grab some “currywurst” at some of the local stands – you are in Berlin, after all!

The entire area and street are so big and long that you can easily spend a full day just by walking around or even having a small picnic in Tierpark.

If you want to feel like a true Berliner and see how locals buy (I mean, those who have money) then head straight on to Wittenbergplatz where you will see one huge, grey building on the left side. That is one of the most famous shopping malls in Berlin – KaDeWe. Just a warning – do not go inside if you are not easy on splurging! Here you will find only luxury brands and expensive restaurants on the higher floors.

4-day Berlin itinerary – you’ve made it!

 And we are finally on the last day of our 4-day Berlin itinerary. Great job!

Today, I recommend taking a bus or U-Bahn to reach the East Side Gallery and the famous Berlin Wall. Where to start? A good place to start your visit to the East Side Gallery is The Wall Museum, located in a former warehouse building right next to the Oberbaumbrücke.  From here, you will easily stumble upon the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall represents a residue of the once 155-kilometer-long Berlin Wall that was dividing the city into two parts – East and West Berlin.

The purpose of building the wall was purely inhumane – to prevent people from escaping the East side to West Berlin. Sadly, many people lost their lives by trying to do so. Nowadays the Wall entirely turned into an open-air gallery featuring 105 murals and graffiti done by artists across the globe. The murals have strong political and anti-war messages, such as the most famous “Fraternal Kiss”. Use an opportunity to create a memorable photo from Berlin!

Spree River

Spree River which flows along the gallery and its sides is another place worth spending time in. During the nice days, you will find dozens of people, chilling in some of the many bars. In case you have missed an opportunity for cruising in previous days – it’s possible and highly recommendable to do it here!

Extra tip – The sides of Spree River in East Side Gallery are another place to see cherry blossoms during the spring season. If you are visiting Berlin during April and May, should be definitely on your Berlin itinerary!

East Side Gallery landmarks

What else to see there? Still, plenty to discover here! Opposite the East Side Gallery, for instance, is the Mercedes Benz Arena, a venue for significant sporting and musical events. On the Oberbaumbrücke two giant hands play scissors-paper-stone. They represent the two districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg – two city districts that the bridge connects.

Oberbaum Bridge and its two red towers is another eye-catching place and, I must admit, one of the most beautiful bridges in the city. Built in the1896, it is another symbol of the city division during the Cold War.  Fewer people know that it was another crossing point between East and West Berlin.

One end of the East Side Gallery is near the intersection with Warschauer Street and the other end is near the Ostbahnhof train station. From here, you may choose to explore Friedrichshafen or decide to take one of the trains and return to your hotel.

Friedrichschein district

If you are part of an alternative scene (and if you still have some strength left), then you should not miss the chance to visit Friedrichschein. It’s a common practice that once you do the “regular Berlin” you need to do the “alternative Berlin”. And the best way to do that is to venture into the most laid-back area of the city – Friedrichshain neighborhood!

It’s a nice area to soak up some local atmosphere and see some nice and artistic graffiti, alternative bars, second-hand shops, etc. Simply wander around the streets, and do not forget to visit RAW – gelände when you are a fan of graffiti. Finish the day with some delicious dinner in many of the local restaurants. You deserved it!

In the end, is it 4 days enough to explore the city? I would say – yes! Of course, spending some more days in Berlin would have been even better.Eespecially if you could plan some Berlin side trips!

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